Minnesota State DNR Map of Snowmobile Trails

We hope you enjoy our variety of snowmobile trails, from the “open” country trails to the end-less miles of wilderness trails. The trails in Roseau County are funded by the DNR., through the Grants-in-Aid program, and by the local snowmobile club and business community.

With over 300 miles of marked and groomed trails within the county, you will find almost any type of riding you would like. The main “open” country trails connect all the towns within the county. These trails also connect up with the wilderness trails of Beltrami Island State Forest and the EDA Trails in Lost River State Forest. The EDA Trails are dedicated to three of the original founders of our sport: Edgar Hetteen, David Johnson, and Allan Hetteen. Our Trail System also connects up with the trails in Kittson County on the west and with Lake of the Woods County trails on the east.


The trails funded by the Grants-in-Aid program are groomed on a weekly basis, as are most of the trails in Beltrami Forest. The trails that are locally funded are groomed every two weeks or as needed. Along the complete network of trails you will be able to find most any accommodations that you will need. In most cases, you will be able to ride your snowmobile right to the location that you want to reach within each town.

Private landowners are people who make snowmobile trails possible. The Roseau County snowmobile trails cross the property of many private citizens and business firms, as well as much land that is administered by various levels of government. Without the cooperation of these people, no snowmobile trails would be possible. We owe the landowners our THANKS and we must RESPECT their property.

Be respectful and stay on the marked trails, do not trespass onto private property. Please always use caution when traveling on snowmobile trails.