Roseau county, located in Northwestern Minnesota, is the birthplace of Polaris Snowmobiles. Up here, snowmobiling is more than a hobby, for many itsĀ  a passion, and a way of life.

Roseau County MN Map

The high popularity of snowmobiling as a past-time called for an organization whose sole mission was to support the sport. The Roseau County Trailblazers were established out of that need in August of 1987. The Roseau County Trailblazers are a non-profit organization who establish and provide marked and groomed snowmobile trails throughout Roseau County.

For nearly 30 years residents of Roseau County have been proud to serve as members, directors, or even leaders of the Trailblazers organization. Many accomplishments including grooming 340 miles of trails,maintaining over 100 members, earning a World Record Title* in the Guinness Book of World Records and providing countless hours of family fun for all ages are just a few that have been achieved by the Roseau County Trailblazers during its tenure.


Guinness Book of World Record for longest moving line of snowmobiles. – February 21, 2004

*Record has since been broken

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